Free list of 100+ essential business German vocabulary

Get a free list of 100+ business German vocabulary with examples. Become confident in handling work-related topics, emails or meetings in German.

Sherzod Gafar
September 20, 2022
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Free list of 100+ essential business German vocabulary

The business and working culture in Germany has some of its unique peculiarities. For example, Germans like to be direct but also extremely polite. Germans also often prefer to go straight to the point and keep small talk or pleasantries to the minimum. And of course, there are special and distinctive vocabulary and phrases that German speakers use in the business context. Heylama poll showed 22% of the German learners out there learn it to either work or study in Germany. If you're one of them and want to boost your business German, then we compiled a free list of 100+ words and phrases that will help you feel much more comfortable when discussing your work, writing an email, setting up a meeting or anything business in general. Every vocabulary has an example. The list is free and no sign-up required. Loss geht's

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Vocabulary list: Business German

Vocabulary list: Entrepreneurship and startups

Vocabulary list: Discussions & conversations

Business German topics covered

  1. Work and search for a job
  2. Arranging and postponing meetings
  3. Writing emails
  4. Entrepreneurship and freelance vocabulary
  5. "helper" words and phrases

Sample words

Teilzeit arbeiten - work part-time

Example:  Ich möchte ab Januar Teilzeit arbeiten, um an meinem Nebenprojekt zu arbeiten.
Example translation:   I want to work part-time from January to work on my side-project

das Einzelgespräch - 1x1 meeting

Example: Regelmäßige Einzelgespräche zwischen Managern und unterstellten Mitarbeitern
Example translation: Regular one-on-one meetings between managers and subordinates  

an den CEO berichten - report to the CEO

Example: Wir arbeiten in einem kleinen Unternehmen und ich berichte direkt an den CEO
Example translation:  We work in a small company and I report directly to the CEO  

Go to the list now. It's free and no sign-up is required.

More free vocabulary resources

These words should definitely help you feel more confident in the office when chitchatting with your colleagues or discussing next milestones in a meeting. Of course, there is much more to business German than these 25 phrases, but it's a good list to start. Check out Heylama's free public decks with more business vocabulary if you want to learn more. Here are a few links for you:

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