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Lamazing German tutors

Heylama German tutor

interviewed & verified by Heylama

“I have close to 10 years experience as a language teacher. I can cut through overly complicated grammatical explanations and can motivate a learner who wants to learn.”

Elke, Online German tutor
Heylama German tutor

interviewed & verified by Heylama

“My goal is that you develop joy in the German language. As a professional coach, I have teaching skills, especially being a good listener and asking the right questions.”

Lysann, Online German tutor
Heylama German tutor

interviewed & verified by Heylama

“I'll help you reach your language goals. Language learning can be difficult some times but it can also be a lot of fun! I can help you out learning German and teach you the weird grammatical structures of the German language.”

Benjamin, Online German tutor
Heylama German tutor

interviewed & verified by Heylama

“I am a multi-culti soul with empathy and open mindset. I bring 12 years of experience working in the personal development. I'll help you improve your German, mindset for learning and learn by laughing without noticing it.”

Justyna, Online German tutor
Heylama German tutor

interviewed & verified by Heylama

“What is more important when learning German - vocabulary or grammar? Both, of course! To be able to speak well, we need as much vocabulary as possible, packed into form and system. We'll cover all of that in a fun, conversational way!”

Elena, Online German tutor

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What learners say about our tutors

"It's really fun to have a conversation lesson with Julia. She prepares different topics according to my requests and we have meaningful discussions during the class. 5 star for sure!"

German B1
Dec 23, 2022

"I liked that Iryna was very prepared for the class. She knew that I am a beginner and made sure that I feel comfortable speaking and sharing my past experience with learning german. She was also very structured and I could sense that she has great experience teaching languages."

German A2
Feb 09, 2023

"Professional and friendly approach. Great experience!"

German A2
Dec 16, 2022

"It is always super fun to talk with Elke. And she takes it super seriously to take notes which is super important for me to fortify my learning."

German B1
Feb 11, 2023

“We had a great discussion about the topic today! I enjoyed it!"

German B1
Feb 14, 2023

“I had a good engagement with Debbie and she really tried to realise and understand my potential weaknesses. She did a great job"

German A2
Feb 22, 2023

“The lesson was so good. We plan for further lessons in the coming days. Anka is very helping and experienced in identifying the core problems in someone's difficulties in German language."

German B1
Feb 22, 2023

Practice between classes with spaced repetition

Heylama comes with a powerful flashcard tool

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    Add your own flashcards and decks

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