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Practice English in a safe space with the conversation AI tutor. Get support and learning tips from Learning Coaches.

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Learn English with Heylama AILearn English with Heylama AILearn English with Heylama AI

Imagine having a personal English conversation tutor available 24/7 and 10x cheaper 🤩. Practice whenever you want. Speak and write freely without fear of making mistakes. Reach your language goals faster.

Feel the joy of speaking, thinking and writing in English

Have a chat or play a language game

Practice in a safe space. From negotiating a salary raise to arguing why cats are better than dogs (obviously not 🐾) – Anka AI will make learning English fun.

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Practice German with AI tutor

Get instant feedback

Anka AI analyzes your replies instantly! Can you write 5 perfect grammar and meaning replies in a row? 😋

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Master new words

Get support and tips from Learning Coaches

You will be assigned to your personal Learning Coach, polyglots who've mastered English, who'll help you set goals, share effective learning strategies, and support you!

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Get feedback and support from Heylama tutors

Improve your grammar with weekly reports

Have at least 3 conversations every week and unlock detailed grammar reports with frequent mistakes and tips on how to correct them.

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Improve your grammar with Heylama AI

What do you like the most about Anka AI?

Here is what users said:

“I love the immediate feedback! I still make tons of grammar mistakes but instant feedback on how well I expressed my message is so useful!”

English | intermediate

“My most favorite feature is regular feedback from human tutors. I find practicing with the AI tutor convenient, but feedback from native speakers take it to the entirely new level”

English | intermediate

“I find these few seconds that the ai tutor takes to think a bit annoying (I am just impatient haha) but the feature is so useful. I love to argue with the AI tutor. it's fun.”

English | advanced

“Thanks to weekly reports I now know where I make most mistakes and address the most problematic areas step by step. Every week I try to fix one issue and it's been working!”

English | advanced

“Gotta say, I thought it would be another silly chat bot but the AI tutor exceeded my expectations. I love the role-play focus. I don't want to learn random stuff, I love that it's practical!”

English | advanced