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Heylama tutors offer a wide variety of lesson types tailored to your budget, goals & preferences.

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From beginner lessons to business German

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Heylama tutors are flexible and can adjust to your needs

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Heylama offers a wide variety of lesson typer for German learners
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We remove the hassle of organizing your learning process, finding apps, taking notes, and planning classes.

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Amazing Heylama tutors

Heylama German tutor

interviewed & verified by Heylama

“I have close to 10 years experience as a language teacher. I can cut through overly complicated grammatical explanations and can motivate a learner who wants to learn.”

Elke, Online German tutor
Heylama German tutor

interviewed & verified by Heylama

“My goal is that you develop joy in the German language. As a professional coach, I have teaching skills, especially being a good listener and asking the right questions.”

Lysann, Online German tutor
Heylama German tutor

interviewed & verified by Heylama

“I'll help you reach your language goals. Language learning can be difficult some times but it can also be a lot of fun! I can help you out learning German and teach you the weird grammatical structures of the German language.”

Benjamin, Online German tutor
Heylama German tutor

interviewed & verified by Heylama

“I am a multi-culti soul with empathy and open mindset. I bring 12 years of experience working in the personal development. I'll help you improve your German, mindset for learning and learn by laughing without noticing it.”

Justyna, Online German tutor
Heylama German tutor

interviewed & verified by Heylama

“What is more important when learning German - vocabulary or grammar? Both, of course! To be able to speak well, we need as much vocabulary as possible, packed into form and system. We'll cover all of that in a fun, conversational way!”

Elena, Online German tutor

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Practice between classes with spaced repetition

Heylama comes with a powerful flashcard tool

  • Automatic Flashcards

    Turn tutor notes into flashcards or add your own vocabulary

  • Spaced Repetition

    Powered by a proven scientific learning method

  • Telegram coach

    Connect to our Telegram coach and practice in a fun and conversation-like way

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