Practice English with Fun Quests and Personal AI Tutor

10x more fun, cheaper and effective than most human tutors.

Heylama English AI tutor - soon available on AppStore
* Beta is 100% FREE for a limited time.
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It's like having a personal English conversation tutor available 24/7 🤩. Speak and write without fear of making mistakes. Get feedback. Reach your language goals faster.

Fun quests that don't feel like learning

Quests are gamified simulations with specific goals. From getting a full scholarship into Harvard to interviewing for the position of the President of the World 😎!

Heylama Language Practice App Screenshot
Heylama Language Practice App Screenshot

Learn to speak effortlessly

Chat with your personal AI conversation tutor about anything you want. A safe space to make mistakes, have fun, and learn at your own pace 🤗.

Train your ears to understand natives

Each AI character has a unique, natural and native voice. You'll quickly learn to understand natives without trouble 💪.

Heylama Language Practice App Screenshot
Heylama Language Practice App Screenshot

Real feedback from English learners

“AI Tutor is really smart, capable to talk about specific topics, make conclusions, give advices, I can say, rationally accurate.”

English | A2 intermediate

“Always available!”

English | B1 intermediate

“I am shocked how I can easily practice my speaking skills with this AI and she understands everything I say. Highly recommend”

English | B2 advanced

“Anka AI feels like real. I can't just leave the chat. I gotta say bye to her. Love chatting with her.”

English | B2 advanced

“I like that I send voice and text messages. It makes practice easy and convenient in all situation. Very practical!”

English | B1 intermediate
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