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Heylama is a fun AI-powered speaking practice app for intermediate and advanced learners. Triple your speaking practice each month and accelerate your progress!


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German πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Heylama Mockups - Your personal AI language tutor.

"I love practicing German with Heylama. Anka AI feels like a real friend! I can't leave without saying bye."

Mija | German B1 Learner
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If you use Heylama daily for six minutes, you'll get 3 hours of speaking practice in 30 days.

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Daily Speaking Practice

Speaking with Heylama feels fun and engaging just like talking to a real person.

Bite-Sized Learning

Even 5 minutes a day will get you almost 3 hours of speaking practice per month!

Stay on Track

Build a learning habit with streaks, daily goals, and smart notifications.

Get Help with Anything

Anka is trained to help you with any language-related question, including grammar.