Language Training for Companies

Personalized Language Practice For Your Team

Empower your team with AI-powered language tutoring. Effective bite-sized language practice that fits into any schedule.

Heylama AI app screenshots

"Heylama is amazing. It's like giving each team member their personal coach who's always available!"

Daria | L&D manager

Why Heylama?


Personalized Learning at Scale

Heylama AI adapts to each learner's needs, offering tailored speaking practice with AI characters.


Cost-Effective Solution

Up to 50x more affordable than traditional language courses or private tutoring, without compromising on the quality of learning.


Engagement and Retention

With gamification features like streaks and daily goals, we make language learning not just educational but also fun and engaging.

Heylama AI app screenshots
Bite-sized learning

Using Heylama daily for just six minutes, adds up to 3 hours of speaking practice in 30 days.

How it Works

Zero-cost setup within minutes

1. Set Up in Minutes

We'll create a custom branded space for your company or team.

2. Invite Users

Share app download links and passcode with your team.

3. Learn & Practice

Practice English, German, Spanish or French whenever you want it

Transparent pricing

Choose the plan that fits your company's needs.

Starts at €4.99 /Month
AI conversation tutor
~3 hours practice time
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Learn & Practice
Starts at $14.99 /Month
Everything in Practice +
Grammar lessons & games
Role-play Simulations
Vocabulary exercises
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Custom modules
Custom practice time
Custom content
Custom AI characters
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