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Branded AI practice app for language schools

Get your white label AI-powered app that seamlessly plugs into your existing courses and provides fun way to practice speaking for your students.

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Scale your impact beyond classroom

The Power of AI and Learning Science at Your Fingertips

Save time

Create practice content from textbook or scratch

AI-powered practice content creation takes minutes
Type the learning goals and Heylama will create a lesson or entire course for you from scratch or based on your curriculum or textbook.
Create anything - explainers, lessons, quizzes, tests, role-plays simulations. Your creativity is the limit.
Active Practice

Enable students to practice with friendly AI characters

A safe space to practice grammar, learning new vocabulary or go through role-play simulations.
Unique, human-like voices and accents to improve listening comprehension.
Bite-sized, gamified and always available.

"Heylama is amazing. We use it as a companion practice trainer for our English and communications course. It's like giving each team member their personal coach who's always available!"

Daria | L&D manager

A next-generation learning experience powered by AI


Our growing suite of gamification features make learning engaging.

Adaptive Learning

Heylama AI adapts to learners' pace and needs in real-time.

Mobile Apps

Students can learn from their iOS or Android devices. Web app coming soon.

Chat interface

Learning with Heylama feels like a friendly chat.

1-Click Content

Create lessons or exercises with a few instructions in minutes.

Progress Tracking

Easy visual progress tracking and feedback for learners.

Teacher Reporting

Track user progress and activity to make data-driven decisions.

Social Features

Leaderboards, contests, & group games are coming soon.


No personal user data is sent to AI systems.

How it works:

1. Create

Use our web builder to create content from scratch or uploading PDFs  with a few instructions.

Heylama enables language teachers to create learning content in minutes with AI.

2. Share

Give access to your branded space and content on our iOS and Android apps with a unique passcode

Share the content your create conveniently with a unique passcode.

3. Track Progress

Get activity, engagement, and progress reports

Heylama generates actionable insights based on how your students are learning

A pricing model that aligns with your business goals

Fixed price per student

Starts at $5 a month

Per student. Scale up and down to any number of students.

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Custom business model

We'll develop an optimal business model together.

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What's included

Auto-create unlimited lessons or simulations

Use built-in characters or create your own

Progress tracking dashboard

Gamification features

Natural human-like AI voices

Weekly updates with new features

Built-in spaced repetition

100% GDPR-friendly

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Frequently Asked Questions

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