21 best sites, tools, and resources to improve English grammar

Discover a comprehensive list of free and verified websites and resources to help you master English grammar and make grammar rules automatic.

Sherzod Gafar
September 7, 2022
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21 best sites, tools, and resources to improve English grammar

Discover a comprehensive list of free and verified websites, tools, and resources to help you master English grammar. Learning English grammar takes time and patience. You need all the help you can get. If you continuously use the resources we put together below, you’ll start seeing solid improvements within weeks.

How to learn and improve English grammar

Learning about grammar and learning grammar are two different things many learners confuse. Reading about a grammar rule and doing a few exercises don’t guarantee the rule is “automatic.” Your goal with every grammar rule must be to internalize it and learn to use it intuitively.

The best way to achieve that intuitive automation of English grammar is to speak and use the language as much as possible, even if you’re making mistakes. In fact, mistakes are a prerequisite for the process of improving your grammar skills. If you have no one to speak to - record yourself on the phone, write short stories or simply journal.

Classical courses tell you to learn grammar rules one after the other, but a much more robust and fun strategy is to figure out what grammar rules you need to know to say what you want to say. For example, if you have topics that excite you, talk or write about them.

So every day, try to speak in English (even by yourself) and try to describe various things, retell things from the past, plan future tasks, etc., and see where you get stuck. Or mark the parts where you’re unsure if you expressed it correctly.

Anytime you get stuck, go to the resources below and find a way to express yourself. That way, you reinforce the rule in your memory and get one step closer to its automation.

Heylama tip: improving English grammar takes time and patience

Free websites & resources to learn about grammar

  1. A complete overview of the English grammar rules on Englisch Hilfen.
  2. Grammar explanations on Perfect English Grammar
  3. English grammar lessons on Grammar Bank 
  4. Grammar explanations and exercises on ESL gold
  5. Complete Handbook of English Grammar on learngrammar.net
  6. Grammar explanations on Tiny Tefl Teacher
  7. Grammar explanations on englishclub.com

Free websites and resources with English grammar exercises

  1. A comprehensive library of English grammar exercises on English Grammar
  2. Grammar exercises on Perfect English Grammar
  3. Grammar exercises on Grammar Bank
  4. English as a second language grammar quizzes on englishclub.com

YouTube English grammar courses and videos

Heylama tip: YouTube channels can be a great tool to improve your English grammar
  1. English Grammar from Khan Academy (Heylama’s top recommendation)
  2. English Grammar course on Shaw English Online
  3. English Grammar Course For Beginners on Shaw English Online
  4. All English tenses in 20 minutes from Englishclass101.com
  5. Advanced English Grammar B2-C1

Get help with English grammar

  1. Find English grammar tutors on iTalki.com
  2. Find English grammar tutors on Preply.com
  3. Ask questions and get help from native English speakers or advanced learners on Reddit.

English grammar correction tools

Heylama tip: Grammarly can help you correct your writing
  1. Check your spelling and grammar for free with https://grammarly.com/
  2. Translate from your native language into English to compare your version with the correct version on deepl.com

Parting words: prioritize practice over learning

Now you have everything you need to master English grammar. Whatever resource you use, prioritize using what you learn in writing and speaking over simply reading about it. Practicing the grammar rules is the only surefire way of making them automatic. Don’t just focus on grammar. Expose yourself to grammar. Read blog posts and news, watch exciting videos and shows, and talk to other people if you have the opportunity. As you keep practicing, you’ll start having those moments when the words just come out without you even thinking! You’ll get that beautiful feeling if you put in the work. Good luck!


Sherzod from Heylama