Learn beginner A1 English in 30 days for FREE: self-paced course

Learn beginner A1 English in 30 days using curriculum from leading schools but FREE content from the web and YouTube.

Sherzod Gafar
August 24, 2023
25 MIN
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Learn beginner A1 English in 30 days for FREE: self-paced course

If you are an ambitious English language learner and want complete control over your progress, you’ll love this 30-day English language course for beginners.

We analyzed the A1 curricula of leading schools such as Cambridge, Berkeley, and UCLA and merged them into the course below. The difference is that we used verified free resources on YouTube and the Internet as the content! The result is this engaging, 30-day course that will get you into a confident A1 English learner.

Important: This course uses resources focused on American English. We have a few British-language guides, but most conversational practice resources are in American English only.

You will perform various tasks daily, including reading guides, watching YouTube videos or doing exercises. 5 days of learning are followed by 2 days of rest. The idea is that you spend 30-45 minutes every day learning English and take 2 days of rest over the weekend. This is done on purpose as rest is essential for learning - it helps your brain to consolidate and make sense of the knowledge you acquired.

Pro tip: Some videos seem too advanced or not understandable. You should watch them anyway, as that will help you start understanding them sooner. You can turn on the subtitles or slow the pace if you need more help.

Ready? Let’s go!

Week 1: Basics and Introductions

Day 1: Alphabet & Sounds

Grammar: Introduction to the English alphabet and phonetic sounds.

Conversation: Basic greetings and self-introduction.

  • Go to this page and study different words and phrases related to greetings and introductions
  • watch the video at the end of the blog post
  • watch this video and this video as a bonus

Day 2: Numbers & Common Phrases

Grammar: Numbers from 1 to 100.

Day 3: Present Simple Tense & Personal Pronouns

Grammar: Usage of 'is', 'am', 'are', and personal pronouns.

Conversation: Talking about daily routines.

Pro tip: Always repeat after the narrators, write down and translate the new words. I recommend using DEEPL as your online translator - it’s much more precise than Google Translate.

Day 4: Articles & Plurals

Today we will go through two essential grammar topics in one day! It’s a lot of work, but you can do it!

Definite and indefinite articles:

Making nouns plural:


Pro tip: Use an app like Anki or Quizlet to save and review new vocabulary.

Day 5: Question Formation

Tasks on forming yes/no and WH-questions:

Days 6-7: Rest Days - 25% complete

You deserved a few days of rest! Amazing progress. Get some rest to continue the course in 2 days with renewed energy.

Week 2: Daily Life and Activities

Day 8: Prepositions of Place & Time Expressions

Tasks - prepositions of time:

Tasks - prepositions of place

Day 9: Present Continuous Tense

Day 10: Family & Relationships

Grammar: Possessive adjectives.

Conversation: Talking about family and friends.

Day 11: Likes & Dislikes

Grammar: Using 'like' to express preferences.

Conversation: Sharing hobbies and interests.

Day 12: Food & Eating Habits

Days 13-14: Rest Days - 50% complete

You deserved a few days of rest! Amazing progress. Get some rest to continue the course in 2 days with renewed energy.

Week 3: Around Town and Shopping

Day 15: Directions & Transportation

Grammar: Imperative mood

Conversation: Asking for and giving directions

Day 16: Shopping

Grammar: Simple Present Tense

Conversation: Shopping and Groceries

Day 17: Weather & Seasons

Day 18: Hobbies and Interests (part II)

Grammar: talking about future with “to be + Going to”

Conversation: Hobbies and leisure

Day 19: Time & Daily Routine

Grammar: Telling the time and time-related expressions.

Conversation: Describing a typical day.

Days 20-21: Rest Days - 75% complete

Week 4: Work, Health, and Level Assessment

Day 22: Career & Work

Day 23: Body Parts

Day 24: Clothes & Appearance



Day 25: Health

Day 26-30: Final Assessment

  • First, review the vocabulary and grammar you learned. Go through your notes,and revisit the grammar rules you found challenging.

Then take this test and assess your level

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